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Symbols, Language, and The Artist

"When you have control over your own symbology, you are always centered, you're always relaxed and calm, because the real you makes the choices in your life, not the symbols. When you want to communicate something, you order the symbols, and that is the way they come out of your mouth. You are the artist, and you can arrange the symbols in any way you want, in any direction you want, because all those symbols are at your command. You can use the symbols to ask for what you need, to express what you want, what you don't want. You can express your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams, in the most beautiful poetry or prose. But just because you use the language to communicate, it doesn't mean that you believe it. why do you need to believe what you already know? When you are alone and talking to yourself, it's completely meaningless. What can you tell yourself that you don't already know? will see the reason why you don't need to believe what you can see, what you already know without words. The truth doesn't come with words. The truth is silent. It's something that you just know; it's something that you can feel without words."

- Don Miguel Ruiz, 2009, The Fifth Agreement