Day Nine

Hello fellow earthlings!

The evening (morning) is upon us, and it is starting to dawn on me just how much work I have left to do before the festival. Jacob and I visited my parents and brother tonight and my mom was lovely in reminding me of how many people who are coming to visit and support this artistic endeavor.

CRAP! haha. I am so excited and looking forward to it, and also hoping that I have enough pieces to show and share. I didn't realize that so many of our friends are coming out, not to mention the thousands of other Iowans/artists/etc.

It is an exciting time, my friends. I am not nervous, par say, but I do want to be successful.

Yesterday a woman from Iowa State contacted me to remind me about a news release that she was planning to include me in! Here's what I sent to Heather in response to her questions: (thank you, darling!)

"I will be displaying earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings at the festival as well as a few sculptural pieces that I completed while studying at Iowa State. Pieces are crafted in brass, copper, and silver with silver and gold chain available for pendants. I work with a myriad of natural materials as well including stones, crystals, and petrified wood. I chose to apply for this opportunity as a means to jump-start my career as a fine artist and sculptor. I wanted to push myself to show work at a national level and allow myself the opportunity to communicate with other artists in my field, make connections, and get inspired by individuals of my own age as well. On Saturday, June 27th I will be giving a piercing demo at 5pm where I show how I go about designing and laying out a pattern to be cut into a flat sheet of metal. Attached is an image of a Blue Lotus pendant that I completed last week. The main pierced piece is composed of oxidized copper and accented with a center turquoise stone and silver infinity chain. To view more examples of my work, feel free to visit my website at Thanks again! *smile emoticon*"

Eek! It's all starting to feel quite real now. Just gotta keep chugging :) *nerd*


Alright, I think I'd better be off to bed before I truly ruin the meager remains of a sleep schedule that I have left.

More pictures to come.

Love and love and food and love,

OH P.S. I forgot to mention how awesome Jacob is; he went foraging for mulberries today and made a delicious pie with hearts cut into it and shared it with my family... I mean, common. Is this real life? I love everything right now. (sorry for gushing, I just had to, it tasted so f'ng good, my godz and godessez for real + ice cream)

Liz Fisher