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Day Eleven

Hello friends,

Today I've made a strange comparison between having a child and starting this particular jewellery business. It's kind of an asinine metaphor because childbirth and taking care of another human being are way beyond the extent of my knowledge and experiences thus far, but there are a couple of similarities:

  • The amass of some untold amount of debt
  • Tons of Unpaid leave
  • Insane (like, she must be crazy) faith and persistence
  • Long nights
  • Unending Love
  • and Inevitably Joy

I feel like these are the key ingredients in the creation or birth of something great.

Pattycake, pattycake, bakers man, bake me a poundcake as fast a you can!
Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a B, stick in the oven for Beyonce and Me!

Gotcha :)

Another topic I want to speak on in this post is:

Facing your fears and expressing your truths

It's a fucking hard thing to do. Especially when it involves the humans that we love the most! It can be almost crippling to hold back those feelings deep within us that we want to share, but are too afraid to.
In my case, I didn't know how to voice them, find out what my true opinion really was, or even feel comfortable with potentially making another person even temporarily unhappy. It was wildly crazy.

What I've found is that you must be honest if you seek happiness and peace in the soul. Sometimes the words don't come and they get stuck down somewhere between your heart and your lungs and that is where they will stay forever if you let them.

I feel like this is especially a trial that young women face -- our brains are wired for it: "emotional, more intuitive than logical, making it difficult for them to form cohesive sentences." Typing this feels so wrong though. We are more than capable of expressing our truths and whoever we want to be. Society may speak to you differently because you wear certain clothes, make up, or choose to shave particular areas of your bodies. This is damn true. The key is to bypass this and focus / meditate on your own happiness and well being -- just for you. The goal is to be happy and healthy.

This can also be oddly difficult. We are inundated by media encouraging us to look this way and act this way or that, oppressed by the toxins that we absorb in our air, food and water, depressed by other toxins we take in to "help" with our stresses (cigarettes and alcohol)...

I'm not listing these things to get anyone down, but we should all know the hurdles we face. It's good to know what your up against or who your competition is, and there is a hell of a lot we face out here. Don't you forget about our inner demons either: jealousy, self doubt, pride, greed, etc. These are all fueled by those moments when we swallow our truths and live in the image we've been compartmentalized into.

I encourage you, the next time this happens, the next time you want to express something important to you and get stuck, that you would speak in the language of the sun. Let those words and creativity exit you with love and patience in yourself. You more than likely aren't saying anything with the intention of hurting someone. On the contrary, the mission is often just to share your unique perspective.

You've got to remember to love you first.

Also, fuck the haters. Let them be fucked so deeply and soulfully that they forget their hater ways.

All of my Woowoo, Crazy, Witchlady Love,

Liz Fisher