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Day Ten

Hello Friends :)

Sorry for the late post, we had an old friend over to visit last night.

Yesterday I finished one of a new series of copper pendants that I've added to the repertoire. It's kind of exciting because I think I may have discovered a new way to integrate my love for illustration into my jewelry in a new and novelty kind of way. Through a process of acid etching, I may be able to achieve an interesting dynamic on the faces or backsides of my designs.

The piece that I most recently posted was inspired by watching the acid swirl as I placed a couple of other copper amulets in to etch. The visual that it presented was reminiscent of a galaxy spiral and I thought that it would be cool to try to replicate through a stippled, sedimentary-looking pattern. I wasn't sure if the stippling would hold up through the acid process because the points of resistance on the copper were so small, but it worked!

This means that all methods and techniques of illustration should work (line weight and variety): hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, scrumbling. Very exciting, indeed :)

Alright, the day is beginning and it is time for me to complete my yoga practice for the day. Feel free to check back later for more blog posts and images.

Have a wonderful day!


Liz Fisher