Liz Fisher Designs


Days Twelve — Fourteen

Hello Friends,

I hope that life has been treating you well these past couple of days. I have been working hard to accumulate more pieces for the show, and I'm up to a rate of about 3 per day now :)

Working hard, and playing just as hard, we've had several more old friends coming over to catch up, drink, and play cards now that the weather is nice. I've got to say, I really do love the sense of community, and appreciate the squad being back together. To those who are still living in other states, we miss you dearly!

I'm looking forward to a time when we'll have enough money saved so we can visit you all. Either that or we'll just move to one of the new hubs of captains and queers :)

The art festival is less than two weeks out at this point... I still haven't priced most of the pieces or tested my paypal card reader. I also have to prepare for cash sales (get a change box and fill it with money that I will find somewhere, haha). I'll be praying, I guess.

Pride Fest was this weekend in Des Moines, which was wonderfully fun. Alison and I made some trippy hippy tea last night, hung out with a group of our guy friends drinking wine for a while, and then hit up a Beyonce' dance party downtown. It was a really good time.

Other updates: Yoga is still going well -- I've noticed that I feel much less anxiety on a day to day basis and that I've become more conscious of my posture / weight displacement / etc. which is pretty cool.

I've also started reading a new book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, which I heard about through the ReWild Yourself Podcast hosted by Daniel Vitalis. I'm looking forward to getting deeper into it and possibly blogging about it later on.

I think that's it for now.

Keep checking the Instagram feed for new jewelry pieces :)

Love you all / talk soon,

Liz Fisher