Liz Fisher Designs


Day Fifteen

Hey Friends!

We're half way through the challenge -- yes! I've stayed on track for the most part, and I am very proud. I am also very conscious of the days that I miss practice, not necessarily for the work that I am missing or the shame or guilt that I may feel momentarily, but for the joy that comes from the practice itself.

I have found that on those days when I want to lay in bed, do and accomplish nothing (me half an hour ago), it is so worth it to push myself into the yoga, to wake up the body and be reminded of our animal core. It has nothing to do with the outside world, opinions, judgements, guidelines, or stipulations. This grounding helps me to move past any negative thinking or toxic recurring thoughts, and this can be very helpful if you are prone to depressions or anxieties.

So now I am up, I am awake and ready to continue moving forward through the day :)

The plan is to work through a few more geode rings today. I heard back from a few of you yesterday and it seems like you're really digging the designs -- of course I will make more! I've found that I'm becoming more acclimated to the texture and patina process, working more free form and flowing through the piece, trying to conjure an ephemeral spirit. That is the goal through these pieces: to bring you back to nature, to bring nature to you.

Have a great Monday my friends!


Liz Fisher