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Day Sixteen | Blessings + As Above, So Below

Hello my sweet friends,

Today we continue in this thought experiment: Using yoga and jewellery as a loving practice of blessing; a means of cleansing the world around me of the curses spilled upon us by the media. So many of us have been trained into submission, taught to fear any mission of bliss, or simple living. We are taught to wake up and worry that we may have very little time left, or that if we do not achieve enough or stand tall enough, we will no longer be of use to our society. I am here to encourage you to let go of that for a few minutes each day and allow yourself to feel the simple blessing of having a body.

I encourage you to take a little inventory of your brain space and see what thought patterns are exploding you into a bliss filled state of awesome orgasm and happiness, and which recurring thoughts send you into the depths of hell. It's an interesting thought experiment to allow yourself to notice your triggers and figure out what makes you feel the most alive!

If you want to stay in the world where the only window you look out of is one of anger, seething self hatred, doom, disgust, and loneliness, then go back. I've been there, feeling limited and unwilling for such a long time. It's got it's own sticky draw... laying in bed and watching hours and days worth of netflix. But I encourage you to imagine that for just one minute, you are a limitless force, with incredible potential, and with discipline, "you can create a temporal wave of positivity." - Duncan Trussell (listen to his latest podcast here and get INSPIRED, folks).

This wave may manifest in good health, prayer, blessings, gratitude… Imagine yourself as a fountain of bliss, exploding love into your workplace, family, and community. It can happen. That volcano of bliss and blessings can be you!

I love you all.

Your crazy, witchy, woowoo lady,

Liz Fisher