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Day Seventeen | Brutal

Hello Friends,

WARNING: Today's post is much more about womanhood than calming yoga, jewelry and peace making.

To parallel the new moon last night, I have began my very own moon cycle. Luckily for me, there is chocolate cake at work today ^.^ Chocolate cake, coffee, and interesting people to listen to in the podcastverse… And did I mention the endless Belgian Waffles today? This is pretty much any girl's dream... I mean, if you have to start your period, this is the way to do it. And if I can be totally honest here, it is never, ever fun to experience blood and globs of red oozing out of you, but sugar and chocolate definitely helps :) Your welcome for that graphic imagery -- The life of a woman is far more brutal than any one of us would ever let on.

Anyone in the mood for metal?

Love and kisses,

Liz Fisher