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Day Eighteen | Reflections

Dear Friends,

I would like to say that I neglected my practice for a purpose, and perhaps I did, so that I might use it as an example to express to you all what not to do.

Truly, it was a day of profound laziness and overabundance: I neglected to explain to you all that prior to the insane chocolate cake piled high with frosting, the sweetened coffee I stirred up in the company kitchen, and the Belgian waffles I slathered in whipped cream, I started my day with not one, but TWO bowls of lucky charms.
I also neglected to explain to you how I ended my day: with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped with ever more lucky charms.

SO! What I'm trying to say is... This morning was difficult. My anxieties and toxic thoughts were at a low rumble again in my brain space, and I found it very hard to wipe away the eye bogies and get into a positive mindset. I could blame the woman hormones or say that I was just getting a rough start to the day, but taking an objective view, it seems that it could have been a little nutritional imbalance, my friends! Eating healthy, practicing those things that you love (jewelry), and enlivening your body (yoga) are fucking great for you... It's kind of stupidly simple, but! it is also stupidly easy to fall into the trappings of sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, and even caffeine. I love all of these things dearly, mainly because I like to alter my consciousness, but I'm finding it ever more interesting to observe how they physically and mentally affect my well being.

I will say that today, after the yoga practice alone, I felt about 10% better. I was still sleepy, and as I looked at myself in the mirror I still looked at a little less than optimal human level, but my heart was open, and that was a great first start. I'm finding that the more often I am brave enough to put one foot in front of the other rather than sitting still or getting sucked into my television or computer screen, the better and more accomplished and energized I feel. It's great!

So overall, this is what's been going on the past couple of weeks:

  • Noticing What Works
  • Willingness Toward Change
  • Seeing Shifts in Personal Energy
  • Nature Immersion as a Soul Healing Practice
  • and Remembering My Mission:
    To remind humans of their ephemeral roots

Thanks for reading :)

Much Love,

Liz Fisher