Day Nineteen | Getting Excited!

Hello my friends!

We are exactly ONE WEEK out from the Des Moines Arts Festival, and you know what that means... Lot's of work to do! :D

So far today I've prepped my house for a weekend of productivity and meditative bliss. ^__^ I have a couple of friends visiting town, but not to worry, I will not let the chaos within me get the best of me. I am so amped for this opportunity and I would not give it up for the world.

Last night I was explaining to Jacob the crazy gratitude I feel for the universe and feeling that I am so lucky to be in this position, to have the opportunity to follow my passions while also keeping my corporate job on the side. It is hard work! I'll admit. And that is exactly what he had to say: that I've earned it! I've worked my little tushy off, and I felt very validated in hearing that from a trusted friend, but I also know that this is only the beginning. We have quite a ways to go, my friends!

But the inspiration is still flowing! This book, Ishmael, that I've been diving into is a wonderful resource for reconnecting with the earth and our biosphere. The premise is human history as a cultural myth. We talk about ourselves as if our species is at the pinnacle of all creation, the center of the universe... How arrogant we can be as thinking things. We are so lucky to be granted consciousness alone, but convinced of our greatness and magnitude. Reinforced ideas of grandeur and of our place at the head of this food chain, rulers of the earth, when in reality, if placed alone against the elements, we wouldn't stand a chance. You or I would more than likely get eaten up or starve (but kudos to you expert foragers and rewilders out there, please teach me your ways). I find this book inspiring because it reminds me to be humble, and reminds me of my purpose through jewelry: to remind You of your roots in nature :)

Additional inspiration comes from a couple of new science inspired makers that I've stumbled upon recently. Just today a friend of mine sent me a link to a SNAG metalsmith named Michelle Startzman whose work really resonated with me. You can check out a sample of her portfolio here. I particularly love her biomorphic piercing, alluding to ephemeral forms and bacterium... Nerd art makes me so happy ^__^  ~ * Fractal lady for life! ☼

Alright my sweet little babies, I'm off to the studio while the inspiration juice is still fresh :P

Thank you for your support and thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Liz Fisher