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Day Two

Hello Friends,

Today I began the day with my second yoga practice. I am feeling happy that I've allowed myself the freedom and joy of continuing on this journey. So many times I've began a journal or blog to eventually give it up or forget, so I am glad to have made it two days thus far.

I want to tell you about what I have been ruminating over since my last post. Last night I was studying Sun Language, and how to read and speak it. The text states that you must begin with a sentence about your life, and then rewrite it as if you intend to speak it to your sweetest lover, to imbue the words with your heart.

I wrote: I am here to explore, question, and love. To speak in the language of the sun, you must let love overcome your chest, vocal chords, and throat. Sparkles fill the periphery of your vision and palms facing upward, we express our truths without fear.

Later on, I was reading a book called DARK MATTER: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture by Gregory Scholette, and a line struck me in reference to our internet connected world; we are all somewhat pressured to perform well in this particular day and age, especially when it comes to the creation of art and forward momentum.

'As Boris Groys insists, "no one sits in the audience any longer, everyone is on stage."'

To be an artist is to be present. We cherish those who are unafraid to see, seek and speak their truths, and the truths of the world around us. I am striving for honesty and growth through my ignorance and past experiences, shedding those moments that cling and wish to hold me back. I wish to relay my admiration for the universal in some tangible format, and to address social injustice through some artistic means. But how?

My process of evolution continues :)

Thank you for reading.

Much Love,