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Day Twenty | How Is Your Practice Serving You?

Hello Friends!

Today I invite you to do another thought exercise with me, to look inward a bit and see how your practice is serving you. There is an energy that is uniquely you. How do you go about fertilizing that creative flow and bliss?

Your practice, your daily life, those you interact with, the way you carry and love yourself:
Are these elements and facets of yourself serving your well-being?

As Charles Bukowski said,
"Find what you love, and let it kill you."

I am not here to judge. I am on a journey of my own -- finding my own bliss and sun living. Even if you chase sex, drugs, and rock&roll... Do you love those things? Follow them. Do they fill you with energy and life? Follow those moments. I am energized in clean eating and yoga, but I also appreciate raising hell from time to time. Do not be afraid to step outside of what you think yourself to be. There is no one who can define your or confine you but you.

You are limitless potential. Choose the trajectories that bring you joy, energy, feelings of wholeness and connection, and even those paths that offer danger if you are happy in this chaos.

I believe in you and the love and light within you.

Until Tomorrow,