Days Twenty One and Twenty Two | Feel your breath

Hey Friends,

The gratitude feelings are very strong today: for my friends, for my continued practice, for my family, for the opportunity to participate in this upcoming festival, for the breath in my lungs, for all of you :)

I am starting to believe that love really is everything, a cure all of sorts. You can breath love into your body, different areas intuit their need for more attention and if you listen, you can cater to each area slowly. Try not to let things build up, but be attentive to your body and what it is telling you. We are all busy, yes, but too busy for a little self love? Sometimes a little massage on the neck and shoulders is all you need, and most of us have been blessed with hands that can grant ourselves that pleasure. Feeding the world from within.

The festival is now four days away, and I am slowly chipping away at the to-do list. My mom and I will be working the booth together Friday-Sunday. We're looking forward to seeing you there :)

Thank you for reading.


Liz Fisher