Day Twenty Three

Good Morning Friends!

Today as I was going through my yoga practice I kept thinking about the intention I set for this 30 day challenge, and hopefully my life from here onward as well: to create and sustain a successful, loving practice.

A loving practice of yoga, jewellery, and home living as well: caring for my partner and family.

I have found that setting this goal / intention has been very helpful in keeping me on track in my workshop deadlines, and keeping me from getting too testy, emotional, or anxious in my relationships -- with myself and others. I have found patience and love growing within me for my own practice, I have found that in not pushing so hard or being so rough that I am enjoying life and making more than ever. It feels as if the freedom within my studio is growing and that I am trusting myself more day by day.

Being better in touch with my body has granted me a greater feeling of strength and stability that coincides with my mind as well. If I can trust my body, and that aids my mental health as well, well... why would I go back to how I was living before? And the cool part is that I know exactly how I got here! It's kind of wild and bizarre, to be honest, and far from my general state, but I'm digging it.

Trust yourself.