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Days Twenty Eight and Twenty Nine | Festival Recap

Hey Friends!

We made it to the other side and with great success! I am so happy to have met so many new people and connect with old friends. My professor from college, Joe Muench, came through and I met with 2 other professional artists who studied under him as well! It was so great to be able to connect with more individuals in this web network of a metalworking family :) Wonderful!

I really did have a magnificent time out there and am looking forward to applying to next year's show. It is a great opportunity for those of us who just got to the other side of our college career to dive into the festival and "professional" world, if you will -- but really it's just a great excuse to take some time off of work, push yourself to the limit within your craft, and meet some incredible people along the way!

The turn out and weather this year were pretty supreme and I've gotta give a shout out to Ritual Cafe for keeping the yummy coffees and vegetarian food coming :) The emerging artists tent was parked right across the street from those gods and goddesses of good vibes -- lucky location!

Now being on the other side of this experience, I wouldn't have thought that I'd be so amped to jump on the festival trail, but it sounds like a lot of fun -- forward thinking to the future when I have more pieces to show and the ability to get on the road.

Check list for happy trails:

  • killer display and tent set up
  • trailer will all of my gear
  • sound system and cruise control in my car
  • a good mate to share my experiences with
  • a nice hat and a cute pair of sunglasses

The future awaits! Keep knockin down doors, folks! Believe in yourself! Take leaps of faith! Continue learning and keep your eyes, ears, and nostrils open :)

Love from a 3o day challenge warrior,