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Day Five | Feelin' Alive

Good Afternoon Friends!

This yoga practice is getting weird and I like it! Each time we finish I feel so whole and grounded and awesome! Normally I am a little tired/relaxed as the session ends but today I was feeling alive and ready for more. Now that I have been practicing for a couple of days, I felt more comfortable to continue to wind down and energize myself for the day ahead. I transitioned from Shavasana, or corpse pose where I practice gratitude for my awareness and the lesson I have just integrated, to plank, adding a couple of extra runner's lunges, warrior poses, and ending in mountain pose. What a great way to reactivate my sigil and get ready for a day full of jewellery making and forward momentum!

If anyone is interested in checking out the yoga practice I've been following, I'll link you to Yoga With Adriene, Day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga! I am so amped about this opportunity because I can fulfill this goal from the comfort of my own livingroom, and save money for moving on to the next chapter of this artist's this journey: Washington D.C.

That's right, friends! Jacob and I have finally decided on a city to explore our careers in, and why not at the heart of American culture and Politics. Last summer I lived for a while in Brussels, Belgium which is at the heart of politics and social engagement within Europe. I am looking forward to getting back into an international city: let the artistic opportunities, good people, and positive vibes abound! My eyes are open.

If anyone would like to share their life experience about living on the East Coast or the inside scoop on D.C., please feel free to contact me. I am most interested in the art scene, political and social activism, public transit, museum deals, and opportunities for rewilding / getting deep into nature in the surrounding area. AHH! I am so stoked to live so near to the coast. Give me all of the seafood and delicious ocean treats and put them in my mouth, please. (Obviously someone is feeling frisky today!)

My partner Jacob will be seeking out a farm to table restaurant with high artistic merit and ethical practices. He's currently set his sights on Birch & Barley and I am so excited to see him thrive and kill it in the culinary world. If anyone has any information about restaurants or food practices out there and would like to share, I'd love to hear what's going on out there!

Thank you for reading and being you.