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Day Eight | Meditate & Create

Hey Friends,

Today was a good day :) I finally got my car back after two weeks at the shop, I was able to share some nutrition with my family and also explore a possible new morning routine with kale shakes. Annddd I started five new pieces in the studio!

The latest set of earrings are available for view to the right of this post. I am also working on a set of six new copper pendants and/or bracelets and a cool new quartz sigil piece.

The weekend went by so quickly, but I am very grateful for the extended period of work and play at my own pace. I am currently working half time at my corporate job in order to build up my jewelry inventory for the upcoming art festival -- Hence this awesome 30 day challenge :)

I'd like to end this post with a continuation of my gratitude as I wind down my day:
Today I am grateful for those with whom I share my love, I am grateful for the grass growing so long in my backyard, allowing all of the critters and clover back there to flourish (hippy life), I am grateful for air conditioning and flouride filtration systems, I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained about cell phone radiation; keep your phones away from your body, folks, and lastly, I am very grateful for the universe allowing me to manifest in this crazy awesome human form with my beautiful meat jacket, eyes, ears, and nose... I bow to all that I do not know.

Sleep well my friends.

Loving you dearly,

Liz Fisher