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New Moon in Cancer

Good Morning Friends,

I've been told that now is a time of awakening; that we are to open our hearts, let go of the past, and transcend it to become our new snakeskin discarded selves that we are meant to be at this time.

I have received a few signs from the universe and places of love lately, and I can't help but think that someone is answering my call... the last few months have been a trial of awakening my own heart and striving for love. Love and patience in full will guide me to where I need to be -- this is the thought.

Come to think of it... I did perform a sigil ceremony a couple months back to this tune: "I will create and sustain a successful, loving practice."

Since then I have had great success in moving forward in the studio, within my relationship with my partner, and also in the realms outside of my home. The art festival was a fantastic experience, I'm getting on better with people at work, and I feel like my heart is just opening up like a flower in the sun -- and in a way I feel like these things could be attributed to more sun time, more vitamin D giving me energy and heart to progress forward as a warrior of love and art.

But it also feels like there is something stronger at play, some kind of magic set from intention.

I have created my own path by describing it and feeding it my energy, but this mission is feeding me back to infinidom. 


...I don't yet know where it is I am going. It seems as if the compass is spinning and spinning of it's own accord -- each time we take a step it pulls in another direction and we are distracted.

Suppose I hold my own compass. Where then will my partner be?

Or perhaps it keeps spinning because we are on a pole, or put thus, exactly. where we need to be.

Long live the faeries and old wive's tales. Teach me your divine meaning.

For now I will sit, content, with my coffee and continue to listen and learn from those I seek.

Cherish your friends and your own body and soul.


With love forever and ever and ever and ever,

Liz Fisher