Ebullient Biophilia

Hello Friends!

Checking in from the other side of our delicious 30 Day Challenge; who knew that we could create such momentum!

The commissions have begun to accumulate and I've received emails from a couple of you about connecting further in the future -- how exciting! 

Right now feels like a moment in time where it might be beneficial to detach a bit from social media and connect with those of you at a higher frequency, and also to my core craft. Also, with the rising action preceding our Des Moines Arts Festival, I came to neglect the painterly, artistic side of my designer mind, focusing all of my energies into this jewelry and yoga challenge. At this time, my discipline is strong and I feel that it might be an interesting experiment to see how that will translate onto the canvas. 

On Thursday, Jacob and I visited the art store and I finally picked up the stretcher bars that I've been trying to conjure for the last few months. Two at 28 inches in length and two at 33 inches, we will create something beautiful.

Hippie rebels as we are, Jacob and I have been allowing the grass in our back yard grow for some months now, and we have quite the prairie at this moment. This calls for celebration en plein air, and possibly a little nude sunbathing... but how can I get away with this in the city?? If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to contact me ;)

I'm off to the studio again to finish up a new etching and mixed metals experiment.

Goodnight friends.


Liz Fisher