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Caterpillar / Butterfly

Hello my lovely friends,

I've caught the artist bug this week -- this rainy weather is speaking directly to me, and as it has for the last couple of months, I am feeling on the cusp of some sort of butterfly moment, so to speak.

The latest developments including:

Collaboration with a long time friend and musician on a very unique fibonacci pendant
and also a quote from a friend and musician on facebook

The quote goes like this... "Maybe it's just because I'm a photographer's son, but one of my biggest pet peeves is band's that don't have a decent photo. I don't care how many likes your FB page has. If your photo has band members in transformers shirts taken with someone's iPhone, I can't take you seriously. Why should I think you take your band seriously if you don't take one of your most important marketing tools seriously??? ‪#‎endrant‬"

And it really struck a chord with me... It felt like businessology 101: take your image seriously, because actually, that's all that people can know of you from the internet. You want yourself to look professional and serious about what you do, and most of all, real and reliable.

It's been an awakening week for a myriad of reasons.

I'm back on full time in the graphic design world as well, and though it pressures me for time in the art studio, it's the good sort of pressure... where diamonds would never form if they weren't put under enormous stress or fired in incredible heat.

Looking forward to further growth and inspiration with the girls here in Des Moines.

Shout out also to @michaelgarfield for the push to work harder, do my thing, and be my own weird and wonderful self. A+ modern day renaissance people! :)

I love you all.

Talk soon,

Liz Fisher