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First Engagement Ring Commission

Hey Friends!

What an awesome day I have to share with you all:

Today marks the delivery of my very first commissioned engagement ring. I was fairly proud of the ring itself but the job had its share of trials and tribulations, like any other. I wound up designing and creating the ring twice each, haha. Many baby, bite-sized lessons were learned along the way, but when it came to delivering the ring itself, that was awesome! Her hands were shaking, the tears in the eyes, and "it's perfect" -- I nearly cried myself on the way home because I was so elated. I swear there is no greater feeling than other people really feeling your fire and your art.

A little encouragement goes a long way :)

This morning was also awesome because I got to meet with the owner of a new gallery called Moxie soon to be opening shop in the East Village, and guess what, you beautiful, sweet darlings?? She wants to house my jewelry in her shop. YES.

So this whole Venus retrograde thing ain't all bad -- The hard works is paying off, just gotta keep grinding, pushing myself, and believing in my heart, art and passion even when it feels like no one else does.

If I can keep making people smile and remind them of their roots in nature... There's nothing that can stop me :)

Big hugs,


Liz Fisher