Thankful for my Soul Friends

Hello beautiful soul people out there,

I love you so much, and I am so so so thankful for the gifts you have all shared with me over the past month. It has been a trying time, and yet I feel the most wholesome, strong, and alive I may have ever been up to this point.

It's come to my attention, in dreams and otherwise, that I have been slacking on the amount of jewelry output over the past month, and I'd like to put a little fuel under that fire again, so stay tuned for the next piece ~~ inspired by someone very, very dear to me, and the universe which this individual has opened up within me.

I have not been sitting on my laurels altogether... not a day goes by that I am not writing or sketching, or reading about something interesting, but I am also in the process of moving on from a 3 year relationship and seeking out a little hovel for my own life and creation.

The butterfly is opening it's wings, the flower is blooming -- late in the autumn sun.

As with recent tradition, I'd like to share a few more literary gems with you all, which can be reached through the following link. (thank you donny)

Love you dearly, you beautiful naked ape children of Earth!

~ Ambelina / Liz / Elizabeth / Human Woman Person

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