Liz Fisher Designs


Like Europe to Me

you are like europe to me...
esoteric wisdom and north

a calm and resonant brook
bubbling with mirth and sorrow

i am like the lichen to your tree,
showing your age

enhancing your color and spirit

changing nothing of your interior,
your strength

but making you softer to others

you are like europe to me
a knowing look and patience

surrender and vulnerability
of which I'd not yet known

and still

my cells stretch higher to the sun each day


a cool breeze
but hearth stone tinder
to warm the battered soul and heart

an old record

shoes worn thin and mended

treasured pieces of our lives
woven together
in the essence
of burnt wood

red amber embers
smoldering the soot of our transcended past

allowing for new growth,
sure footing

rough and true

Liz Fisherlove, poetry, poem, original