Investing in your Life Purpose

So what does that look like, exactly?

I have been told that we have been put here exactly as we are supposed to be, and that everything happens for a reason, and that we are all facets of divine creation.

Investing in your Life Purpose does not have to mean dropping everything so that you might move to Tibet and become a Monk, but it could.

Investing in your Life Purpose does not, necessarily, have to look like an adult in debt after paying for her college education and financing with loans, and credit cards, but it may.

Investing in your Life Purpose does not have to mean seeking what it is that you are, and who it is that you are supposed to become -- so much as it is a becoming, and becoming aware that you are aware, in every moment.

Investing in your Life Purpose is more of a coming into being, every day, and doing what your soul calls you to do.

It is too easy to stifle that voice, for the doubt is a cruel game that we all play with our selves, and yet, what is more important in this journey of life than to drop the facade, pierce the veil, mask slipping from the face into what?

Truth, and beginning to learn from and to listen to our own inner truths.

To the artist, investing in a life purpose looks like courageous honesty in the face of a laughing audience, and it looks like laughing back and knowing that we are all in this together.

Be brave.

♡ Liz