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feeling out growth in spring

I would like to go back to school, and I have wanted this for quite a long time, it feels like, though it has been less than three years since my graduation.  I am reminiscing on my time working as a volunteer art teacher at the Central Iowa Juvenile Delinquent Facility in Eldora, Iowa, and I still believe, to this day, that, even unpaid, that was the most fulfilling, important, and rewarding position I have ever created and fulfilled.  I need... I have a longing to create an actionable purpose for my life.  I need... I have a longing to stand up to injustice every single day of my life and love and nourish the lives of those who have not been granted equal opportunity, and I need to encourage equality and empowerment of undervalued voices in our society.  I will grow, and I will help nourish others too.  This is my wish and my goal.

Liz Fisher