Chapter x.

As one door closes, another may open. 

At my day job, my online sales manager and I have just launched the fruits of our nine months of labor on a web redesign project.  It is live.  The mobile functions are flawless.  It went up as smooth as butter, and I wasn't even in the office when it went live because I have a home office now!

I'm able to work part time from home and I guess I'm just sitting here wondering how I got to this point.  This is what I have been seeking for many years...  Freedom, respect, mutual benefits, friendship, kinship, growth... new knowledge and time allotted for exploration.

Here we are and I am grateful!

To celebrate, Matt and I will leave for Kansas City on Sunday and we'll see the Pixies perform live with Mitski at the Arvest Bank Theatre.

I am so grateful for the support from my partner, Matt!  I am grateful for the people I have the chance to work with and team up with.  I'm thankful that we have roofs over our heads that don't leak.  I'm thankful for the kitten who cried her way into our lives Tuesday night.  I'm thankful for my parents and younger brother who will be coming over to our new home for game night tomorrow night, and by the way, when did I become old enough to start hosting dinners and game nights?

I'm grateful for turning pages and new chapters.


Liz Fisher