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What Clients Say:

“She was extremely resourceful and was constantly teaching herself new methods and techniques to do her job. She never questioned any assignment given to her. She did what was asked and went above and beyond to accomplish a task. Simply put Liz was one of the most positive individuals I have ever had the pleasure to be around.”

– michael giles, president, iowa state university recreation services department

“Liz is a fantastic employee. She is excellent at her job and brings exemplary work and creative design knowledge to the table.”

– Rachel Eubank, president, Sticks Object Art and Furniture Company

“Liz did a fantastic job creating beautiful materials for our business. She was polite and professional in her communication, prompt and cooperative in her replies to my feedback, and overall the project was a huge success. I would definitely work with Liz again.”

– Adam Frederico, Frederico Landscape Management Company

“Liz is a very attentive listener and is very carefully adaptive and intuitive at following instructions, which is characteristic of her curiosity to learn and her desire to create and to be expressive through the skills she is developing.”

– Matt Yegge, Artisans Jewelry Designs

“I believe Elizabeth to be one of the most talented young artists I know… able to work with a variety of mediums.”

– Kathy Love, Commissioned arts Projects